Limkokwing University beats Cambridge in Facebook hits

Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 14:45

University of Creative Technology (LUCT) had ranked 10th place in the world’s most liked universities on social media site Facebook.

Based on a comprehensive Facebook Page metric data analytic site, the Cyberjaya-based varsity was ahead of UK’s Cambridge which was placed 12th with almost 750,000 likes.

The university’s Facebook page was set up on November 14, 2007, and had gained 801,462 likes at press time, turning it into the “most liked” higher learning institute in the country.

Its systems integration vice-president Datuk Timothy Lim said he came across the finding by chance on a website which had listed the top 15 universities with the most Facebook likes.

“We have been trying to improve the quality of communication with our students all along,” he said.

“With this finding, we can now gauge how well we are doing in the social media world.”

Thrilled over the achievement, Lim said they now aimed to double the figures by the end of the year.

University has won more than 200 awards

“We are fortunate to have a wide group of audience from 165 nations. This makes the Limkokwing community interesting,” he said.

“This is not something we have control over as it comes direct from the students who are Facebook users, and this makes it a great achievement.”

The university, which had a presence in 12 other countries, was founded in 1991 by Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing. It was often referred to as a local university that had globalised Malaysian education.

The award-winning university aims to open up another 17 campuses abroad by 2020.

It had won over 200 awards for creativity and innovation in education from the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and Africa inx the last three years.

“We are the first university in Malaysia to be listed and it is amazing considering we are very new,” Lim said.

The university’s website had also obtained a total of 330 million hits a year, the largest figures chalked by any local universities.

“The key to social media is, you have to constantly monitor how the users respond to what we place on our page,” he said.

“We do not only bring students into the university, but we bring them to Malaysia as we promote the country as a whole.”

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